Alta Coffee & Roasting, Newport Beach

You know a coffee place is legit when it’s been running for a few decades and the locals gather there to enjoy a cup of their freshly brewed coffee. That’s Alta Coffee.
Alta used to be an old bookstore in the Cannery Village that was dismantled in the late 80s and turned into a wholesale coffee warehouse. Since then, it’s been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.
This coffee house, located on 31 St. in Newport Beach, has a very comfy and familiar atmosphere. It almost feels like being in your parents' house - front door and patio with cute lighting included! Great attention, cozy deco and delicious food.
Alta serves organic coffee beans roasted daily by Costa Mesa’s Wilson Coffee Roasters. While enjoying our breakfast in one of their inside tables near the windows, we had their famous toffee latte. Smooth coffee and milk topped with whipped cream, bits of crumbly toffee pieces and a trail of chocolate syrup. Pretty darn good!

Our two favorite things about Alta:
   Live music on Fridays!
   The shelf full of mugs that regulars keep there for their daily coffee fix.

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