The Common Room, a very uncommon coffee house

The aroma of coffee floating from the doors of 882 Production Place, Newport Beach, confirmed that they were open. It was my first time at The Common Room.
I walked in, said hi and asked them for their coffee recommendation while taking a glance at the beautiful space that was surrounding me. Ed, their incredibly talented Australian barista and owner, asked me a couple of questions and told me to sit down and relax while he took care of my order. Still surprised, I left everything on a table near the counter from where I could see all the “action” going on and started conversing with him.

While carefully crafting my coffee fix, Ed explained to me that he moved from Melbourne and that The Common Room started around a year ago as the in-house coffee shop for Passport, a brand design agency co-located in the same space. They soon decided to open their doors to everyone after getting lots of requests from the locals asking for coffee. Since then, things have gone great for them and in a few months this coffee house will be taking over the entire space to open their own roastery!
Delicate and mellow. I enjoyed every sip of my latte. I drank it slowly and took time to smell it and savor it. It was perfectly paired with one of the delicious Caffeinated Kitchen’s baked donuts, a vegan friendly donut company based out of Long Beach. A sip of coffee followed by a fruity donut bite. One after the other until it was all gone. Ed couldn't have chosen a better coffee drink nor food. 
If you love specialty coffee, industrial design and hospitable people, The Common Room is definitely a place you don't want to miss. We'll be visiting them again very soon!

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