Milk & Honey and their delicious Lavender Lattes

If you are a fan of the lavender taste in coffees and teas like we are, you are going to like today’s post!
Milk & Honey is a beautiful coffee house located at The Camp, in Costa Mesa. Whether you sit on their inside tables facing chalkboard walls, or on the zen garden with globe string lights where you can enjoy the SoCal weather, Milk & Honey’s deco perfectly blends into the vibe of this alternative mall.  

Their crafted menu offers a wide range of coffees and teas, and are well known for their shaved ice and acai bowls, which we love. Their coffee beans come from True Beans, a small company based in Long Beach, who uses 100% organic beans.
Our favorite drink to have here is the iced lavender latte. The taste of the lavender is not too strong making this beverage really refreshing and unique. And you can make it a dirty lavender latte by adding a shot of espresso. Absolutely delicious!
Breakfast bagels, late morning acai bowls or afternoon lattes, we love Milk & Honey anytime!

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