Breakfast at Xanadu Cafe, Newport Beach

I can’t help it. Every time I go to Xanadu Cafe, I start humming Olivia Newton-John’s melody, Xanadu. I wonder if they named the cafe after the song.

Xanadu moved to Newport Beach over a year ago, but it’s been up and running since 1985, when it was established in Santa Barbara by the grandmother of the current owner, Shervin.

We like going there for breakfast. They have a great variety of entrees, smoothies and pastries, freshly baked daily by their partners at Crema Seal Beach.

We usually get orange juice and coffee, but they have a delicious Nutella swirl with banana that is perfect for sharing. We like experimenting with coffee, so the last time we went we decided to try something we hadn’t seen anywhere else: the dark chocolate cappuccino. Xanadu’s coffee is made with their 80th anniversary Italian Roast Blend, a medium-dark roast, organic blend with beans from Mexico, Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia roasted in Italy. The coffee looked great, but unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked.

Entrees are their specialty. We had a breakfast burrito and a croissant breakfast - eggs and bacon in a warmed-up croissant with salad on the side. We are not big fans of salad dressings, but we loved the one they serve! Both options were really good and fulfilling.

If you are one of those who prefer having a sweet pastry for breakfast, we recommend their danishes and croissants - soft and super fluffy!

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