First Coffee Instameet, Steelhead Coffee, Long Beach

Last Saturday we were part of Coffee Drift, our first Coffee Instameet hosted by content creator Kimberly Saldana and The Hidden Mug, a community for coffee shop enthusiasts.

The meetup took place at the Long Beach’s third-wave coffee shop Steelhead Coffee, and for almost 2 hours we met and chatted with other bloggers and Instagrammers over coffee. Raffles and polaroids included. It was fun!
The venue couldn’t have been better. Steelhead is a really cool coffee shop in Long Beach that opened its doors around a year ago. It had been on our list of coffee houses to visit for quite some time, so this was the perfect excuse to check it out. Even though the space seemed a bit tiny when we first got in, there’s enough space to sit 25+ people. There’s a big wooden table to share with other people, bar stools and a few tables for smaller groups.
Saturday afternoon felt like a perfect moment to enjoy a Lavender Almond Latte and a cappuccino so we went for it. Loved the strong coffee taste from the cappuccino, in contrast with the softness of the latte. Both were excellent. Steelhead offers coffee from Rose Park Roasters, Dogwood, Rival Bros and Huckleberry Roasters.
We had great time and are looking forward to meeting all of them again soon. Cheers!

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