Our Favorite Stores at Lido Marina Village, NB

This once quiet side street on the Balboa Peninsula, just started to make some noise this past weekend with the grand opening of the rejuvenated 1970s-era Lido Marina Village, in Newport Beach. 
Wood and tile walkways, white and gray storefronts provide a nice atmosphere to this waterfront shopping center.
We wandered around and glanced at the recently-opened stores while enjoying some live music and treats from French Pharmacy Ice Cream, Sidecar Doughnuts. Lido Marina has a mix of high-end clothing stores, home furniture and a beauty salon, but our two favorite shops at Lido Marina are:
Lido Village Books is a tiny independent bookstore with a great selection of books for readers of all ages. Recommendations are offered across the different shelves to help buyers pick a book. Once you have chosen your book you can read it outside in the village swings.
This specialty coffee house roasts its coffee beans in-house and brings the third-wave-inspired coffee experience to Newport Beach. It has a spacious interior and big windows to let the sunlight come in. Our first coffee drink at Honor was a refreshing iced latte. We loved the taste and its freshness.

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