Breakfast at Cafe Gratitude, Newport Beach

Organic, vegan, local and grateful. Blogging about Café Gratitude around Thanksgiving time is not a coincidence. We love this restaurant and its savoir-faire. The first thing you notice when you take a look at their menu is that it’s nothing like a regular menu. Instead, their plates have names like Peaceful, Thrilled, Trusting or Grounded, so when you order your plate you start by saying “I am…”.
We had previously been at Gratitude’s for lunch and dinner at their San Diego and Venice locations, but this was our first time having breakfast here.

We shared flax pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit and a barbecue tempeh scramble which included market vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, avocado and sourdough toasts. As you can see, their plates are very elaborate and they taste amazing!
We had their delicious Golden turmeric latte and a regular latte. If you are a juice lover, they also have a great selection of pressed juices.
Gratitude encourages meaningful conversations at the table by having their servers ask you a question. Ours was “What are you grateful for?”. You can choose to ignore it or talk about it while you wait for your food. You might think it’s a bit cheese. We think it’s cute and sets them apart from other restaurants. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Café Gratitude is always a good option.

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