Lattes & Toasts at Kit Coffee, Newport Beach

We recently visited Kit, one of the newest independent coffee houses in town.  

If we had to describe Kit in one word, we would use the word simplicity. Simplicity in its decoration. Simplicity in its furniture. Simplicity in its menu. Simple but detailed at the same time. Simple but very well done. This coffee house is absolutely beautiful and spacious, perfect to spend a Sunday morning enjoying your cup of joe.
Their menu consists of coffee (seriously?), teas, juices and sweet and savory toasts and pastries. It reminded us a little bit of The Mill, in San Francisco.

We combined our artsy latte and cappuccino coffees with a matcha toast and a cream cheese toast with honey and rosemary. They both were delicious. My favorite of the two was the matcha toast. I had never had matcha on a toast before, and the combination of the sourdough bread combined with the sugary crunchy matcha really surprised me.

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