The Coffee Tale: Organic Coffee & Tea in Huntington Beach

The Coffee Tale is one of those places where I could spend hours and hours sipping my cup of coffee while reading a book or chatting with friends on a Sunday afternoon. It has that relaxing atmosphere that makes me want to stay for a long long time.  
This coffee shop is located in the middle of the German village Old World, in Huntington Beach, a place that you would never expect to find in sunny SoCal. With the exception of the weeks around Oktoberfest, I guess, this village is completely empty and quiet, which is perfect if you want to spend some quality time enjoying your beverage or pastry.
The Coffee Tale has Turkish influences not only on their tea, coffee or food selection, but also on their decoration, making it different from any other place you could find around Orange County. My mocha tasted really delicious, with a soft cocoa touch that provided the perfect amount of sweetness. We also had some foamy cortados that we paired with a piece of lemon tart, apple crumble pie and some chocolates.
The hospitality of the barista, who treated us like lifelong friends, the quality of the coffee and the warm ambiance, really made us feel like home. Definitely worth to visit if you are a coffee lover around Huntington Beach!

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