Coffee Tomo and the Meaning of Friendship

We love learning what's behind the names of the coffee shops we visit. A few weeks ago we introduced you to Coffee Byul, which is the Korean word for star, and today we show you Coffee Tomo, which means friend in Japanese.
Friendship at Coffee Tomo is represented in their logo by using two coffee cups hugging each other.
They carefully roast their beans in the shop every day ensuring that coffee doesn’t lose its quality and aroma. Tomo currently offers coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia, and has a wide selection of teas and non-coffee drinks, being the sweet potato latte the most original one we've ever tried. 
But besides their delicious beverages, one thing that makes this place unique is their signature sweet potato and cheese pretzels. They are served warmed up and combine perfectly with coffee or tea (Earl Grey is our fav!).
Pour-over coffee at Coffee Tomo
There’s nothing better than sharing a cup of high-quality coffee with friends. Specially at Tomo!

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