Coffeebar Byul, Specialty Coffee Shop + Tea, Irvine

Coffeebar Byul (Korean word for star) is a very cute coffee shop located in Diamond Jamboree Center in Irvine.

Its modern interior space with white tile walls, barn wood ceiling and floor, and hip lighting, makes it perfect for its visitors to spend some quality time enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, tea or one of their yummy pastries.

One of the things I love about Byul is their city special lattes. The Paris one, for instance, includes white chocolate and lavender, the Brussels latte has raspberry and dark chocolate, and the Barcelona latte (guess what? my favorite!) is served with condensed milk.

They also have a wide variety of loose-leaf teas including Hibiscus, apple bites, lemon grass or Japanese organic sencha, among others. They have so many flavors that I’ll have to keep going again and again to try them all!

During our last visit, we had the Barcelona latte, a cappuccino and two freshly baked Nutella croissants. Tasty, warm and delicious.

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