Churned Creamery and their famous CroCream!

Only a few weeks have gone by since Churned Creamery opened its doors at Union Market Tustin, but their ice cream has become incredibly popular in Orange County!
What makes this place unique is the fact that they make fresh ice cream in front of their customers using slow-churning blenders, keeping it at perfect temperature for flavor and texture. They have a lot of flavors that you can pair with toppings including pistachios, M&Ms or hazelnuts.
But what brought us there wasn’t only Churned's delicious ice cream, we actually got really excited when we heard about their CroCream! A CroCream is a freshly baked butter croissant stuffed with ice cream and toppings. The regular one costs $5, and the one with toppings (up to three) costs $5.5. 
The combination between the warm croissant and the ice cream is fantastic, and the flavors and toppings combinations are endless!

Our pick: coconut ice cream with mini M&Ms, marshmallows and pineapple jam

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