The Dirty Cookie: Taking The Traditional Milk and Cookie Experience to the Next Level

Who could have thought that one day we would be eating milk and cookies in the shape of a shot glass? Well, Orange County startup The Dirty Cookie made it happen.
The Dirty Cookie is a small stall located at Union Market, in Tustin. They offer a wide variety of cookie shots made with organic flour, which then are coated with Belgian chocolate on the inside. Their most popular flavors are red velvet, chocolate chip, peanut butter, dark chocolate and cookies and cream. Once you have picked your favorite flavor (we invite you to pick more than one because they are delicious!), it's time for you to choose the filling: vanilla, chocolate, milk and they are now serving cold brew coffee too.

Our favorite one is the cookies and cream with vanilla filling. The dough is really tasty and the chocolate coat is amazing!

Which one is your favorite?

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