Hidden House Coffee
San Juan Capistrano

Located in the historic Los Rios District of San Juan Capistrano, the Hidden House Coffee is a little coffee shop that serves quality espresso inside an old beautiful yellow house across from the San Juan Train Station.
While waiting in line, excited and ready to order my mocha and one of their famous bagel bombs (bagel stuffed with cream cheese, Monterey, cheddar, chives and dill), we met a very friendly local who recommended us to try Hidden House's pour over coffee. Instead of a regular automatic machine, they use these really modern and good looking Curtis - Seraphim traditional coffee brewers that allow the baristas to make amazing and flavorful coffee. We trusted the local and got the Ethiopian pour over and paired it with a bacon, cheddar and chive scone. She was right, it was really good!
We took our food and drinks outside and enjoyed this peaceful moment watching the train roll by while listening to the chitchat of the other tables near us. We couldn't ask for more.
One of the things we always do when we go to San Juan Capistrano is visiting the petting zoo and the old little houses lined up in Los Rios St. Some of them have been turned into boutiques, tea houses or garden houses. Definitely worth visiting!

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