Fresh Toast, The Largest Brunch Event in Orange County

Pasta Shells stuffed with Basil and Cherry Tomatoes from Ecco Pizzeria
Last Saturday we were invited to attend Fresh Toast, a brunch event held at the Newport Dunes in Newport Beach.
The Cannery Coconut Quince French Toast with Whip Cream and Nut Crumble
Set next to the Newport Beach’s back bay, the event featured over 35 SoCal restaurants and artisans that offered delicious samples of their best dishes to all attendees. We had a very fun foodie adventure!
Ghost Bloody Mary by Saint Marc

In addition to the unlimited amount of delicious brunch nibbles we got from the likes of Clay Oven, A Market, Cucina Enoteca or Roy’s, there was also a bloody mary competition going on between some of the participating restaurants. Contestants experimented with spices and some secret ingredients to make their specialty drinks unique. And they really were! Attendees got a chance to vote on  the best bloody mary and best presentation. We’re not big fans of this red drink, but we have to admit that some of them really surprised us.

Some of our favorite bites (and sips):
 Beef burrito from Burritos La Palma. Very few ingredients, but really tasty!
 The world famous gyro platter from The Halal Guys.
 Other samples we loved (featured in the picture below): the poke wonton from A&O Kitchen + Bar, or the shells with basil and cherry tomatoes from Ecco Pizzeria, in Costa Mesa.
 Chunk’n’Chip’s craft ice cream sandwiches. We had the matcha green tea with pear and ginger ice cream.
 O'Neills corn waffle with foie gras and strawberry whip cream. Amazing!
 And (off course) the delicious freshly brewed organic coffee from Tru Bru

Small Plates from The Halal Guys
Bacon &n Gruyere Gougères with Monray from A Market

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