Coffee Together at Dripp Coffee Bar, Fullerton

9:10 AM. I arrive in Fullerton and go straight to the parking area next to the new hip coffee shop in town. Dripp Coffee's sign welcomes me on this warm Saturday. I’m ready for my coffee fix.
I take a glance at the menu trying to find something different. Something special and unique. And I find it. I’m not in the mood for strong Turkish coffee today, so I decide to go for a Spanish latte along with a piece of sweet caramel bread.
Dripp’s Spanish latte has some drops of condensed milk as well as a cinnamony taste that warms you up. Never tasted anything like this back in Spain, but I guess they named it this way for its Mexican influence and the Spanish reminiscences.
Their partner Espresso Republic® roasts the beans they serve in small badges. Coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Indonesia that is bought in small lots of green coffee, separated by the amount of moisture they contain, and adjusted to the roasting profiles and times accordingly. Very thorough process.
As the morning goes by, people start to line up for their coffee. Even though it’s a big coffee shop with inside and outside tables, almost all the spots available get taken up pretty fast after 10:00 AM. If you are looking for some quiet time, come a little earlier and you’ll have the entire place for yourself.

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