Coffee Nature, A Hidden Gem in Costa Mesa

Still remember how excited we got when we found this cute coffee house! It was a Sunday morning and we were ready to get some coffee and breakfast.
Coffee Nature is located across from the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, surrounded by bridal boutiques and hair salons, right next to the cross between the 55 and 73 freeways in Bristol. Quiet location, cute decoration and a super cool chalkboard wall full of messages! A perfect hidden gem.
Their menu ranges from crepes, bagels and paninis, to acai bowls and salads. Our favorites are the Endless Summer acai bowl and the Turkey Avocado crepe.
Another thing Coffee Nature takes good care of is the quality of their coffee. They use Stumptown coffee beans.
They have a great selection of lattes. If you are a chocolate lover (like us) we recommend you to try the Nutella latte. With every sip, you get small pieces of chocolate that melt in your mouth. Another one we love is the lavender latte, and they also have a coconut version.

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